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 Setting and Plot

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PostSubject: Setting and Plot   Sat Sep 15, 2012 1:42 pm

The Setting:

The year is 2045, and not a lot has changed since 2013. Computers are better, cell phones have been upgraded, and cars are more electric then ever. Something that hasn't changed, however, is everyone's social life. People have friends and family as always, and there are more and better ways to communicate online. Most people find themselves in internet cafes, and during the nighttime they go to clubs. Jobs are easier to find - everyone has one, though work isn't expected. People work three or four times a week, doing eight hour shifts, and their paychecks are still terrible. This is why people live with other people. Couples live with other couples just to pay the bills.

These are the changes of the future.

The Plot:

You find yourself alone one night or during the day. You sit in front of your computer, search up a few things, until something catches your eye. Looking around to make sure no one see you doing anything on your computer, you click on InformLife.com.

Or perhaps you and a friend are messing around on the computer, looking up funny videos or listening to music. Then, an ad appears, and your friend dares you to click the button and fill out the form that follows. You do it. It's InformLife.com.

No matter how it happens, once that form is filled out, you disappear from sight and the computer shuts off - and will never be turned on again. You find yourself standing in a new room, one with no edges and no walls. It's just an expanse of empty space, and you are alone. But then, a voice speaks to you, and it starts asking questions about who you are and what you really want to become.

Once the voice is finished questioning you, you find yourself in bed, as if merely awaking from a dream. There is only one problem with this world - it is now the year 2013, and you don't remember anything of your life in 2025. Your life now resembles the answers you gave that mysterious voice, and you will live it exactly as if it is second nature.

Choose your future carefully. You don't remember any "old" friends and family now - you have an entirely different future waiting for you in Shibuya, Japan.
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Setting and Plot
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