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 Rules to abide by.

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PostSubject: Rules to abide by.   Sat Sep 15, 2012 1:41 pm

1. Everyone play nice. No starting any trouble between muns or even muses to the point you are being kicked off. If you don't want to role play with someone, just don't role play with them. Also, please don't harass people to reply to you the minute you post. Give them time!

2. This is a literate role play, so posts should be a minimum length of one paragraph and that does not mean two sentences. More is definitely encouraged; just please don't leave people one-liners and expect them to reply when they have given you three paragraphs.

3. We ask that you post at least once every two weeks. If you can't be on, please say so in the Hiatus thread, so that we will know when you'll be gone and for how long. Don't not send a message to the admin or say in the chat box, it will not count for a hiatus and it could be missed too.

4. Once you've registered your muse, you have one week to fill out an application. Do not post incomplete applications. They must be completed before posting.

5. If you have something to say out of character, please put it in either [_] or (_)

6. Mature content is allowed. If you plan on having it in your thread, make sure the title contains a warning (i.e. [Adult] **adult**, whatever works) in case someone that doesn't like it won't open it to see something they don't want to read. An example thread title would be Another Opening Night [Ruki][Adult]. And finally, any threads that don't contribute to the main story, whether it be the muse's or the forum's, should contain the [AU] tag, to let other muns know (and please post it in the AU forum.)

7. Muse claims are first come first serve, so please don't complain to the admins if you can't claim the muse you wanted. But if you do get the muse you want and you're accepted! - make sure to post your first thread within three days. Your first thread will be the sample role play you provide in your application, so please give us something fresh.

8. Your username must be the name of the muse you're claiming! Usernames such as UruDucky or DrummerSanKai will not be accepted we want to see names like Uruha, Ruki, Kai, Atsushi, etc. Muns that register with something other than that will not be accepted, and the account will be deleted without warning. Muses with the same name as other muses (though not the exact same person) like Shou [from Golden Bomber] and Shou [from Alice Nine], need to have a period or some defining form of punctuation at the end (Shou., Kai., etc.)

9. The admins reserve the right to accept or reject an application for any given reason. You may, of course, re-apply at any time unless the muse has already been claimed (you can check our claims list to see who is and isn't available.) If you want to know who plays what muses then refer to the Muse list.

10. If you write in any language other than English, please provide translations. Not everyone is multilingual, so if your character says something in Japanese (more than "ne" or "hai", please provide a translation of what they said right after their words.)

11. You may have up to five muses. No more then that, and we know that some people may live together, but that's why we have the mun information at the bottom of you applications. Please fill them out each time, do not say look at another app for the information.

12. If you want to write with a certain muse, make sure you read that muse's application so that you know their history and background. Just so that we know you read the rules, put "Changing" at the top of your app.

13. Do not post anything until your application has been accepted.

14. You can update your muse's app whenever you like, but you will have to ask the admin to unlock it and move it back to the application area so that you can edit it. When you are finished fixing it, let the admin know, and it will be moved back to the proper place.

15. Human is not the only race you can be. Check out the race list if you're curious about what all the different species can do.

16. When you finish a thread or it dies off, please let the admin know the title and link us so it can be moved to the thread graveyard. This way, none of the categories get filled up with dead and done threads. We like to keep things nice and neat around here.

17. We ask that whenever your muses move to a new location, do not make a new thread. If everyone did that, there would be hundreds of short threads all over the place, and that creates a mess. We want to keep this forum neat for you to enjoy, so help us out! Keep your muses in one thread, no matter where they go (until the plot of that thread is finished, of course.)

18. Regarding relationships between characters: absolutely no lolicon or shotacon is allowed. Minors cannot legally consent to sex, and so we're not going to allow it here. Please have ages 18 and older.

19. Jrocker muses only, please. No actors, models, Korean idols, etc.

20. CBox is used for OOC, out of character. So you may all talk to another, if you are even looking to thread with someone too.

21. There is a chat box below, on the forum. This is for chat role play, no OOC. Just click the "Join the Chat" link to open a new window to the chat box. To log in, is on the right hand side, up top. Please keep in mind, don't forget your threads either.
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Rules to abide by.
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